Our Vision

Rottendorf Pharma will be known in the global solid dosage CDMO market as:
→ the CDMO that masters the product, not just manufactures it
→ through highest competency in pharmaceutical technology
→ framed by our Total Process Ownership service concept
→ creating best in class OnTimeDelivery.

Therefore minimizing our customers oversight requirements and total costs of outsourcing.



Our unique selling points

company structure

Rottendorf has a unique company structure that creates significant advantages to our customers

Andreas Rottendorf formed a structure to ensure long term sustainability and total independence of the company. Creating significant advantages for our customers combined with a platform for charitable activities.

There are four shareholders, the Rottendorf foundation and 3 minority shareholders with majority voting rights. All bound by the by-laws that Rottendorf put in place.


total process ownership – TPO

Strategy and company culture to minimize customers oversight requirements

Every outsourced task is embedded in an underlying process and is supporting a final goal


Total Process Ownership means for Rottendorf:
→ assuming customers position
→ understanding the underlying process
→ and adopting customers final goal
→ creating integral solution beyond the initial task description

Therefore minimizing customers oversight requirements and interfaces
Option for the customer: TPO with Rottendorf vs outsourcing with others

Total Technological Mastering (TTM)

of the product through highest competency in pharmaceutical technology



No matter how tricky your product is
– we master it –

Rottendorf masters the product not just manufactures it…



Total Technological Mastering means for Rottendorf:
→ to fully understand the galenical design of the product and it's critical parameters during transfer
→ providing the technical expertise to solve product design based problems
→ identifying process improvement potential and corresponding solutions
→ successfully technical trouble shooting of all product and manufacturing issues

Therefore eliminating customers needs to provide expertise on product technology and technical operations  

on time delivery

Best In Class OnTime Delivery creating a robust and efficient Supply Chain

Applying tailor-made Supply Chain Strategies


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