Our company structure

Foundation-owned company group

Rottendorf is totally privately owned. The only shareholder is the Rottendorf Foundation. Main purpose of the Rottendorf Foundation is to promote scientific work in the field of pharmaceutical research as well as charitable projects.

Strict rules deposited in the foundation's bylaws guarantee a reliable and long-term orientation of the company, complete entrepreneurial freedom, and sustainable and exemplary action with regard to the company's corporate social responsibility. All these aspects in combination create significant advantages for our customers and therefore lead to a competitive advantage for our global positioned technology company. The foundation background enables our employees to focus solely on the needs of our customers and their products.

Rottendorf Pharma is fully foundation-owned

Rottendorf Foundation


Preserving the autonomy of Rottendorf Pharma.



Securing jobs at the headquarters.



All profits are reinvested into the company.

Financial stability

Corporate Governance Statement

Targets and deadlines regarding the proportion of women

The target share of women on the Supervisory Board of Rottendorf GmbH is to be at least 33% in accordance with § 52 (2) GmbHG. The target of at least 33% was achieved in July 2023 with a proportion of 50%. The target proportion of women on the management board is also to be at least 33 %. The target of at least 33% was achieved in July 2023 with a share of 50%.

All targets are to be achieved by December 31, 2026.


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