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Why simply outsource tasks when you can get complete solutions from a single source from a contract developer and manufacturer (CDMO) that is one of the leaders in its branch and has decades of experience and in-depth pharmaceutical know-how as well as robust and efficient processes?

Total Process Ownership – TPO©

Total Process Ownership (TPO©) means that we assume the customer's point of view in everything we do. Instead of simply completing a task, our focus is on achieving the customer's overall goals. To achieve this, we go the extra mile, whether it's manufacturing, packaging, formulation, analytics, or change process or workflow activities.

Customers can count on an exchange of ideas and recommendations to create integrated solutions that go beyond the initial task description. We also take care of timely and accurate implementation. As a result, we minimize customer's resource requirements and interfaces.

TPO©-Service Center

A cross-functional TPO©-Service Center for every customer

To provide the best service to our customers, we have established our TPO©-Service Centers. Every TPO Service Center merges the business functions of Sales, Technical Product Support und Supply Chain into one team to create a central knowledge hub for our customers.

Through the ongoing exchange within the cross-functional team, Rottendorf synchronizes communication with minimal response times and the best service and solutions for our customers.


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