We want to grow our business in a responsible and economically successful manner. We are committed to complying with internationally recognized standards and our own guidelines and principles of conduct.

We take care of our values and appreciate fair dealings with each other

Our values and rules for doing business

In our value-based Code of Conduct, the expectations that Rottendorf Pharma sets in its employees as an employer and the guidelines for our corporate behavior are defined. All employees, no matter what type of activity they perform, are obligated to follow the Code of Conduct.

Our employees are encouraged to seek help and advice whenever they are in doubt about the correct business behavior. They are also encouraged to report concerns about compliance or suspected violations of the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

Our value-based Code of Conduct contains guidelines for the areas of products and services, personal integrity, corporate integrity, employment, corporate assets, responsible management and comprehensive compliance management. It also gives examples and provides information on where to find more detailed instructions on the various topics.

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Compliance is a prerequisite for a responsible management. Our corporate activities must comply with laws, regulations and international ethical standards. We set this standard for ourselves, but also for our customers, business partners and all other stakeholders of the company.

Marco Niemann, Managing Director


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