We want to grow our business in a responsible and economically successful manner. We are committed to complying with internationally recognized standards and our own guidelines and principles of conduct.

We take care of our values and appreciate fair dealings with each other

Our values and rules for doing business

In our value-based Code of Conduct, the expectations that Rottendorf Pharma sets in its employees as an employer and the guidelines for our corporate behavior are defined. All employees, no matter what type of activity they perform, are obligated to follow the Code of Conduct.

Our employees are encouraged to seek help and advice whenever they are in doubt about the correct business behavior. They are also encouraged to report concerns about compliance or suspected violations of the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

Our value-based Code of Conduct contains guidelines for the areas of human rights, working conditions, enviromental protection and sustainabilitiy, business ethics and the fight against corruption and compliance with laws, regulations and industry standards. This Code of Conduct is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

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Our value system

  • Customer focus

    Customer success drives us day in, day out
    Our customers are our top priority, and they are at the heart of everything we do. We continuously strive to offer our customers added value, meet their needs, and enhance their satisfaction. We actively listen to our customers in order to understand their needs and achieve solutions that exceed their expectations. Our success is based on our customers’ satisfaction and success, since ultimately, lives and quality of life depend on our work.

  • Quality consciousness

    Top quality in everything we do
    At Rottendorf, we strive for top quality in everything we do and make every effort to carry out our tasks on time and reliably. We firmly believe that top quality is the foundation of our work, making it a fundamental aspect of our relations with customers and partners. We continuously invest in improving our processes and procedures to ensure consistent quality in our products and services. This is the only way to ensure that we can always fulfill our obligations toward our customers and business partners.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Initiative ergreifen, innovativ Zukunft gestalten
    We foster a culture of entrepreneurship. To that end, we encourage our employees to engage in lifelong learning and develop new ideas to advance innovations and improvements. Through continuous further education and creativity, we maintain our position of leadership in the pharmaceutical industry, which allows us to ensure the best possible care for our customers. Every employee is an integral element of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, and all employees are urged to use all available avenues to identify opportunities and forge new paths.

  • Belonging

    We are a strong community
    At Rottendorf, we value a culture of belonging where all employees feel they are part of a team. We treat everyone with respect and appreciation and foster clear and effective communication. We recognize and value the contributions made by each and every individual and create an atmosphere that fosters open dialogue and sharing of knowledge. These values are the foundation of our corporate culture, and they help to ensure that we are successful together.

  • Empowerment

    The courage to take responsibility and make decisions
    We encourage all employees to take responsibility, make targeted decisions, and achieve their aims. We enable them to develop this sense of responsibility, identify innovative solutions, and then make courageous decisions. We also set clear, measurable goals and encourage our employees to pursue and achieve them with determination and a sense of purpose. This commitment to responsibility, empowerment, and goal orientation is a key building block in our corporate culture and a crucial factor in our success.

  • Integrity

    Every day, for a better world
    We are aware of both our social and ecological responsibilities and our ethical commitments. We recognize the effects of our actions on society and strive to make a positive contribution. Our commitment to integrity is reflected in our dedication to ethical standards, transparency, and honesty as we do business. Our employees are proud to be part of this organization, which is based on integrity and social responsibility, and are committed to upholding these values each and every day.

Whistleblower system/ Complaints management

If our values are violated, our employees as well as customers, suppliers or stakeholders can report this. The whistleblower system or complaints management system RPHint is available to all whistleblowers for this purpose.

Compliance is a prerequisite for a responsible management. Our corporate activities must comply with laws, regulations and international ethical standards. We set this standard for ourselves, but also for our customers, business partners and all other stakeholders of the company.

Marco Niemann, Managing Director


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