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total process ownership – TPO©

Strategy and company culture to minimize customers oversight requirements

Rottendorf’s Total Process Ownership (TPO) approach means to assume a high degree of ownership and responsibility over the manufacturing, packaging, formulation and analytical processes they use to bring the customer’s pharmaceuticals to market. Clients can count on an exchange of ideas and recommendations to create integral solutions beyond the initial task description, and their timely and precise implementation.

Why merely “out-task” when you can truly “out-source” to a Top 20 Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) with decades of experience, deep pharmaceutical expertise, and robust and efficient processes?

how does it work?

Every outsourced task is embedded in an underlying process and is supporting a final goal


Total Process Ownership means for Rottendorf

adopting customers final goal

understanding the underlying process

creating integral solution beyond the initial task description

assuming customers position

TPO Service Center

A cross functional TPO© service centre for every customer


For providing excellent TPO service to our clients, Rottendorf has established their TPO Service Centers. Every TPO Service Cente merges the business functions Supply Chain, Business Relations and Technical Product Support to one team to create a central knowledge hub for our customers. Through the ongoing exchange within the cross functional team Rottendorf achieves synchronized communication, minimal response times and the best service and solutions for our customers.

Supply Chain

Supply Related Service

  • Order and capacity planning
  • Forecasting
  • Production planning

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business relations

Business Related Service

  • Order management
  • Business development
  • Proposals / pricing
  • Supply agreements

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technical product support

Product related service

  • Tech. issue management
  • Tech. changes
  • Product optimization
  • Tech. Deviation Mgt.

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